Why should I care about reducing energy consumption?

Reducing energy consumption in your home doesn’t just help the environment, it also helps you.

1. Reduce the cost of living

When you choose to reduce energy consumption, you reduce the cost of living. The cumulative effect of many small energy efficiency measures can add up to large savings year after year. When it comes time to replace old appliances, buy an energy efficient version. Though you may have to cough up a little extra to buy the energy efficient choice, it typically will pay for itself over its lifetime by the energy (and therefore money) it conserves. At its core, conserving energy at home is one of the easiest ways to save money. A lot of very simple steps like this add up to decent dollars saved year after year.

2. Reduce your carbon footprint

By reducing energy consumed, you reduce your carbon footprint. Even if you disagree with the science that proves the extent of our impact on greenhouse gasses, isn’t the money saved (as explained above) worth it?

3. Reduce the amount of renewable energy you need

If you are considering adding renewable energy to your home, reducing your overall energy consumption will reduce the amount of renewable energy you need.

For example, the idea of solar power is to offset part or all energy usage in the home. Say I am looking to install a system intended to offset all my electricity usage over a year. If I were to reduce my overall energy consumption by 20 percent, then that solar system could be correspondingly 20 percent smaller. It’s a win-win: I spend less on energy overall and I can buy a reduced number of solar panels.

By: Dan Williams

Photo courtesy of Pexels.com

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