Should I tilt my system more?

After learning about the benefits of having a tilted solar panel system, many people wonder if they should tilt their system – more (as in, add additional racking to tip the system further towards the perpendicular goal).

The answer? Not necessary.

While it is often greatly beneficial to tilt arrays on flat roofs (such as are seen on most commercial projects), the key here is “additional racking.” On a large system, the cost of additional racking is greatly minimized with the economies of scale. But at the residential scale, it usually isn’t worth it. Typically, the cost of the additional racking outweighs the cost and complications of purchasing and installing additional structure.

That is why, for Solar Para Niños, even though Puerto Rico sits right at 14˚ latitude, we will take advantage of minimal efficiency loss in favor of a reduced wind-profile, and mount our system flush (0˚ tilt) to the roof surface. This way our system can sit neatly and securely on our IronRidge racking with less components to buy, less components to fail and a closer, more secure connection to the roof.

By: Ian Berg 

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