James Tinjum, Professional Mentor

tinjum_james-225x300Position in Solar Para Niños: Professional Mentor

Career: Associate professor at UW-Madison Engineering Professional Development

Expertise: Jim has specialized technical knowledge in geotechnical and remedial investigation, slope stability analysis and design, and field engineering/construction management. In applied practice and research, he has specific, applied expertise in thermal geotechnics for energy facilities including buried cable design and geothermal exchange systems.

Why Solar Para Niños? When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in September 2017, Jim was particularly affected because of relatives he has currently living on the island and his fiancé who grew up there. He wanted to help beyond just donating goods for immediate consumption to aid with hurricane relief. He wanted to make a lasting impact. Thus, Solar Para Niños – his project for long-term, resilient, sustainable disaster relief by aiding children of Puerto Rico.

Passion for sustainability: In summer 2017, Jim completed a 1,300-mile bike trip around the Upper Midwest to visit wind energy sites and raise awareness about wind energy. In June 2018, he is making the trek again, this time to visit solar energy sites and raise funds for Solar Para Niños. (Follow his journey here!)

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