#BiketheSun start date changed to July 28

Jim’s #BiketheSun journey launch date has moved from early June to Saturday, July 28. Jim received an electric bike prototype from an American bike company to use for his bike trip and in order to adjust to riding the e-bike, he postponed the trip to July.


Electric bikes are bikes with electric motors that make pedaling easier. Jim said the battery pack of his e-bike will basically double his torque output, depending out the amount of watts he pedals at.

With it, Jim anticipates he will average over 17.5 mph, covering about 125 miles per day, in order to travel a total of around 1,250 miles for #BiketheSun. In comparison #BiketheWind, last year’s trip which Jim completed on a traditional bike, he biked about 80 miles per day at about 12.5 mph.

“What we have here is possibly the future of biking, especially for those people who have long commutes or do a lot of biking,” said Jim.

This upcoming trip, Jim will be biking throughout the upper Midwest, just like he did for #BiketheWind, “but this time with a cause,” he said. “I’m going to be raising money for Engineers Without Borders at UW-Madison.” The funds will go towards their project to install solar panels at a children’s shelter to help decrease its monthly electricity bill, allowing for more resources to be put towards the children.

Stay tuned right here for more pre-trip updates!

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