Hurricane Maria Impacts to Energy Infrastructure and the Citizens of Puerto Rico

So very happy to be able to visit Puerto Rico in May, which was my first visit since Hurricane Maria caused catastrophic damage last September.  The purpose of the visit was three-fold:  (1) to visit the Hogar Albergue de Niños Jesus de Nazaret — the site of our distributed solar install project with Engineers without Borders, (2) visit hurricane-impacted renewable energy sites and assess their damages (and/or lack of damage in some instances), and (3) attempt to understand first-hand the recovery (or lack of recovery) that is occurring, including a day with city officials in Comerío (a city in the mountainous interior of Puerto Rico).  The best way to recount my visit and observations is with three photo collages (with captions) at the Hogar, the renewable energy sites across the island, and in Comerío.

Hogar Albergue de Niños Jesus de Nazaret:

Impacts from Hurricane Maria to Renewable Energy Infrastructure in Puerto Rico:

Visit to Comerío, Puerto Rico:

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