What do you Bring on a 2,000-km Self-Contained Bike Trip? Part 1, Clothing

The first key is to be very efficient in clothing selection and to pick light-weight, functional, multi-wear items — every pound, every ounce counts against you in rolling resistance for each of those 2000 km.  Here is my packing list:

  • Two pairs of biking shoes with cleats (one as backup and as a different feel for the feet)
  • Four pairs of biking socks
  • Two sets of biking clothes (padded bike shorts/undergarments-shorts-biking jersey)
  • One set of ‘nice’ clothes (shorts, t-shirt, short-sleeved shirt) — this is for restaurants and to wear in the general public
  • One “Solar Para Ninos” t-shirt (this is for the interviews and publicity events)
  • Bare-minimum toiletries (remember, I can always buy things on the road as needed)
  • Bike helmet
  • Two pairs of biking gloves
  • Raincoat
  • Two bandanas
  • Small first aid kit
  • Biking transition sunglasses
  • Regular prescription glasses
  • Wallet
  • Cinch-bag to hold everything that I am not wearing
All my worldly possessions for the next two weeks

That’s it!!!  And, it all comes in at a total weight of 13.4 pounds, that looks like this when all packed up:

All packed up — total weight = 13.4 pounds

Well, that is the content of one of my four panniers.  What is in the other panniers?  I’lll talk about these contents in upcoming blogs but, in short, rear pannier number two will contain my camping gear (tent, sleeping pad, pillow, blanket), front pannier number 1 will contain all of my bike tools, and front pannier number 2 will contain all of my electronics (camera, GoPro camera, computer, various chargers, spare battery, cables…).  My next blog will be from the road!!!  #BikeTheSun in support of #SolarParaNinos.

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